Sunday, 13 October 2013

My Favourite YouTubers

In this blog post I'm going to briefly tell you about three of my favourite YouTubers, and share some of their videos with you. I'm going to restrict myself to only sharing three of their videos each. Choosing which ones to share will be hard, but here goes...


brentalfloss is best known in the YouTube world for his "with lyrics" series, where he writes and performs lyrics to popular pieces of video game music. One great example of this is this video, featuring music from the moon level of the Ducktales video game:

But he doesn't just rely on video game music for his videos. For example, another series of videos he's done is the "literally shorts" series, which speak for themselves - here's one of my favourites:

He's also done a series of FAQs answering all the, erm, burning questions that his fans have. Here's one where he invited his fans to send in videos of their questions for him:

There's much more to explore on his channel, and, whilst it may not all be safe for work, he is very funny. Here's where you can find him on the web:



Lara is another YouTuber with videos based around video game music. What she does is make her own cover versions of pieces of video game music (and other pieces of music) which she likes, using the piano and the violin. One amazing thing about her is that she doesn't use sheet music, and plays by ear. Here's one of my favourite videos of hers, featuring a medley of songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog games:

For some of her videos Lara uses split screens to help create her music, and she is very creative in this area. Here's the first video of hers which I found, where she combines the Nyan Cat theme with music from Rebecca Black, proving that, sometimes, two wrongs can make a right:

Choosing a third video of her's to share with you is tough - because they're all just so good! But I've decided to opt for this beautiful mash-up of "Titanium" and "Call Me Maybe", which I have listened to many, many times:

There is so, so much more to discover on this extremely talented girl's channel, and so I highly recommend checking her out! You won't regret it. Here are links to her places on the web:


Smooth McGroove

Smooth McGroove is another extremely talented YouTuber, who makes acapella versions of pieces of music from video games. I first discovered him when Lara shared a link to this video of his, covering the Green Hill Zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog (complete with him dancing with his cat!):

Another video of his I love is this one, covering the Zeal theme from Chrono Trigger, and I've watched this video many, many times:

Again, it's hard to restrict myself to just three videos, as there is just so much awesomeness to choose from! But, for my third choice, I'm going for this video covering the Muda Kingdom theme from Super Mario Land. Listening to this video makes Karl happy!

Once again, you could easily find yourself stuck on Smooth McGroove's channel for hours, as I have done! Here are the links to his places on the web:


So, there you have it, three great YouTubers! There is so much creativity and talent around on YouTube that, whatever your particular interests and tastes are, you're bound to find some awesome videos out there...

Next Week: The Complete History and Future of the Universe...

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