Monday, 17 March 2014

My 6th Favourite Video Game of All Time

Super Bomberman 2 (SNES – 1994)

For my 6th favourite video game of all time, I’ve gone for Super Bomberman 2. One of a long series of games that spanned multiple platforms, I’ve chosen this particular entry as it’s the one that I’ve played the most.

The basic gameplay is simple. You control a character who can plant bombs, which kill enemies, and destroy obstacles, and you can collect power ups to increase the number of bombs you can lay, the strength of your bombs, and give you extra abilities, such as picking up a bomb and throwing it. The game has a one player story mode, which is OK, and fun to play in its own right. But the main draw to the Bomberman series is its multiplayer mode.

In the multiplayer mode the game is simple – blow up your opponents before they blow you up! And yet it is very addictive. Rounds are usually over quite quickly, and so, even if you were stupid enough to blow yourself up (something we’ve all done!), you’re playing again in the next round in no time.

And the game is just fun to play! For me, that is the most important aspect about any video game. If it isn’t fun to play, what’s the point?

I consider the Bomberman games to be the best multiplayer games ever. And even Super Bomberman 2, which is 20 years old, is still highly playable today. When I’ve had friends over in recent months to play games at my flat this is one of the games I’ve got out, and we’ve all had fun playing it. (And, not that I like to brag, but I’m pretty good at it...)

Join me again next week when we move into my top 5 favourite video games of all time, with a game which defies its supposed genre, and which I would consider to be a masterpiece of video game design...

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