Sunday, 2 November 2008

Day One: 5,038 words (4.03% of target)

I don't have time to write a full blog entry tonight. When I was cooking my dinner my oven broke down (which means I'm now going to have the fun and games - and expense - of getting it fixed) which led to me losing quite a bit of time this evening. And so I'm not able to show you the graph, or go into details about the plot and the NaNoWriMo meetup today - apologies for this. I should hopefully be able to make up for it tomorrow, so watch this space.

But what I can say is that so far the writing has gone well. It may have taken me a little longer than I had hoped, but I've made my target for the day (although I'm unable to access the NaNoWriMo website at the moment to update my word count there). Just another 29 days to go...

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